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Eat for Both Flavour and Nutrition

Welcome to NutritionLogic, your home base for exploring delicious recipes while maintaining your health.

If you're not focused on fitness as much as enjoying your diet or if you don't care about flavour as much as meeting your nutrition goals, feel free to use the site tools and participate anyway. Perhaps you'll find an interest you didn't know you had along the way.

Recipe Tools

NutritionLogic is still in the early stages of development and some of the recipe tools are pretty rough around the edges. Over the next few months those edges will become smoother and the tools easier to use. For now you'll need a fair bit of patience to work with them but you are more than welcome to try them out. Just click the register link in the right hand column and start exploring.

As the site matures you'll find you can:

  • Enter, organize and personalize your recipes
  • Access your recipes from any web browser, whether you are cooking or shopping for ingredients
  • Instantly see nutrition information for your ingredients and recipes
  • Create a personal diet that provides optimal health, nutrition, fitness and flavour
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If you just want to look around for now, just enter as an anonymous user. You won't be able to enter any recipes but you will be able to explore ingredient nutrition data and browse recipes.

And don't forget to check out our weekly articles, accessible over there to the right.

Welcome, and please enjoy exploring NutritionLogic.

Recipe Tools**

**This is Beta software. You may lose data you enter or encounter usability issues. If you are feeling courageous follow the link to login to the recipe tools.


Register to use recipe and nutrition tools.

Use the tools to look up ingredient nutrition data or browse new recipes.

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